Stretham Lake Cambridgeshire

Stretham Lake is a very mature lake of 2½ acres with lillypads rushes and shrubs around the lake which is over 35 years old.

There are 31 swims, 1-18 are in the deeper end averaging 12-14 feet while pegs 19-31 average about 5 feet.

There is also a stretch of the Old West River adjacent to the lake which can also be fished on the day ticket.

This beautiful Carp was 40lbs 9ozs caught from Stretham Lake by Steve Harknett on a floating bait.

The carp was 40lbs 9ozs caught from Stretham Lake by Steve Harknett on a floating baitThe carp was 40lbs 9ozs caught from Stretham Lake by Steve Harknett on a floating bait

The lake holds a good head of specimen fish with:

  • Carp to 40 lbs+
  • Tench 10 lbs+
  • Bream 11 lbs
  • Roach 2 lbs 10oz
  • Rudd 3 lbs+
  • Pike 26 lbs
  • Perch to 4lbs

Night fishing is allowed but strictly by prior arrangement.

Strictly no fish are to be removed from any of our lakes, those who do will be prosecuted.


Barbless Hooks only permitted

Ground Bait a max of 1kg per person

Keepnets are only allowed in organised matches

Keepnets must be a minimum of 10ft

No fish to be retained for longer than 6 hours.

Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

No dogs are allowed on the fishery at any time.

All persons entering on to or parking at Stretham Lake Fishery do so at their own risk.

Strictly NO OPEN FIRES or disposable Barbeques.

No Litter to be left on site.

There is a secure box at the entrance to the fishery where you must pay for your ticket before starting to fish, no change is given so you must take the correct money with you. The bailiff will check the box during the day.

Refreshments are available from the Lazy Otter pub which is a short walk away.

The fishery is situated on the A10 at Stretham Bridge Cambridgeshire, for directions please phone contact nos.

Car Parking is available adjacent to the lake on the A10.

LOCATION: A10 Stretham Bridge between Cambridge and Ely close to the Lazy Otter pub.

DAY TICKETS: £7 extra rod £3 night fishing £10

CONTACT: tel: 01353 649 375 or mob: 07840 494 630 or contact us here at Rayne Lodge.

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Dear all visitors to Rayne Lodge Fishery

Please be aware that we currently have works going on and only the bottom lake is open with 26 pegs available.

It is also very difficult to reach the toilets at the moment so please take this in to account before visiting.

Many thanks and tight lines.

The Rayne Lodge Team.